Teaching during a pandemic

Sunday September 26th

How is everyone holding up during the pandemic? At some level we’ve all had to adjust and are all feeling the stress from it. Join us this Sunday and we’ll help relieve that stress, even it’s just a little bit.

*Online Link will be provided to those who register

Session A 10:00-10:50 am

Google Classroom-A Tutorial for Beginners

Presenter: Steven Charles

Steven Charles will walk us through how to set up an online Classroom. With step-by-step instruction, anyone can upload assignments, create quizzes and calculate students' grades using Google Classroom.

Session B 11:00-11:50 am

Pandemic Teaching: Thoughts & Ideas

Attendee Discussion

Attendees will be invited to share their their thoughts, ideas, difficulties and strategies with teaching during the past year and a half. Also, ETJ-Aichi will be hoping to hear the needs and wants of members, ie. face-to-face or online workshops, presentation topics, etc.